Genuine Tigers

Genuine Tigers is a solo-project formed in September 2011 by David Sanchez






Genuine Tigers - Careless Voyage

This is my solo-project

First Music video!

2013 release from Genuine Tigers.


I would like to announce that I have taken a long break from Genuine Tigers. This is due to my collaboration with a new band that I have started with a classmate, Drew Newton. We have created a band named Youth Eternal which was created from White Stripes vibes. He plays guitar, I play drums and sing.

I would also like to add that once the new year begins, Genuine Tigers may release a spring EP ;)

What a great, beautiful man.

What a great, beautiful man.

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Listen here !!

Listen here !!

best fucking scene

best fucking scene

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here’s a verse from the latest single,

The sun is going down, ending another empty day
ooh, ooh,
Alone in my room, I wonder ‘bout the things that I could do.

Genuine Tigers goes and sees Best Coast @ the Granada Theater.

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